ZIMI Tech Career FAQs

Applying for a job is exciting and there can be multiple steps in the process. At ZIMI Tech, our job is to guide you through these steps and give you the best candidate experience possible.  To help you understand the application process, we are providing a list of the most common questions.

How do I search for current openings at ZIMI Tech?

Current openings are displayed on the right hand side of the careers page. You can click on any position that you feel would best match your skills.

Do you have open positions for students and recent graduates?

We do encourage fresh graduates to apply at the company. We are committed in increasing our employee list by next year, thus, opening doors to fresh graduates. As for students, we do open our doors for on-the-job trainees. Students may visit our office from Monday to Friday or you can email us first.

Do I need to prepare anything prior to applying at ZIMI Tech?

Prior starting the profile process, have an updated copy of your resume or CV on hand.

Can I attach a file of my resume or CV?

Our current process enables you to attach your resume or CV once your view our job list. The file must not exceed 1MB and must be in the following formats: Word (.doc), Text (.txt), Rich Text Format (.rtf), Portable Document Format (.pdf), or Excel (.xls).

How long will my profile remain active in the database?

Profiles will remain in the system for a number of years and will be purged as needed.

Is there a limit to a number of applications I can submit?

No. You may submit as many applications you feel are appropriate for your skills and experience.

What happens to my profile after I have applied?

If you have applied for a specific job, your profile will be reviewed by the hiring manager and/or recruiter.

How do I monitor and understand the status of my application at ZIMI Tech?

There are many steps in our process, which generally include: resume acknowledgement, under consideration/no longer under consideration, withdrawn, interview, offer and hired. Resumes are reviewed in the order of submission. This can mean that candidates may be in the ‘under consideration’ phase for varying amounts of time. You will be contacted by the Human Resources department if your submission progresses to the interview stage.

How do I know if my application has been received?

You will be sent a confirmation via email. If you do not receive one, check that you supplied the correct email address.

When can I expect to hear from ZIMI Tech after I apply for a position?

Screening for most positions is completed within a week after the position is posted. During that time, if you are selected to be screened, you will be contacted by the HR department head or recruitment agent. Anyone who is interviewed will receive communication about the outcome of that process. Anyone who is not selected to be screened will not be contacted, but will be matched to other potential openings, and will be contacted if selected to be screened for another related opening.