Senior SEO Specialist

Senior SEO Specialist

We are looking for an SEO Specialist who specializes on Search Engine Optimization and
Content Development. As an SEO Specialist, you will be responsible for building and enhancing the search engine visibility of Zimi Tech Inc.’s clients across different market segments and digital channels. You will be a key player in driving traffic and conversions to our websites.

Your primary goal is to:
• Strategize and execute SEO initiatives and digital marketing campaigns that will drive traffic and successful conversions to our websites.


    • Build landing pages, satellite websites, produce digital content to drive traffic and/or successful registrations to our website.
    • Research and come up with content ideas that will drive traffic and conversion to the website
    • Produce websites, landing pages, content using different content management tools such as, WordPress, etc.
    • Execute on-page and off-page SEO
    • Think and execute SEO strategy for multiple market segments towards improvement in organic search performance – increase volume of organic traffic, increase search engine visibility, increase keyword reach and rankings across all markets and channels.
    • Gather and present analytics insights; and formulate data-driven SEO strategies.


      • Working knowledge in SEO, SEM, content production and digital marketing strategies
      • Know how to create simple web pages using Unbounce or WordPress
      • Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS
      • You should be an initiator and be able to come up with your own strategy in order to achieve your goals.
      • Can execute PPC
      • Knowledgeable in Google Webmaster tools, Search Console, Google Analytics, Google Adwords
      • Blogging experience would be nice
      • Online gaming experience and other niche industry experience would be nice

Language: You can use any language on the landing page/satellite website but you must be able to communicate in English with us.