Senior Software Developer

Senior Software Developer

As a Senior Developer, you will be key to the design and development of powerful platforms and tools.

You will not just write codes, instead, you will be a co-creator of the product. You will lead in creating a scalable system architecture. You will be a keeper of technical excellence. You will write beautiful codes and mentor your peers to create high-performing platforms.

You will not stop learning new technologies and how to make our product better, and better. You will collaborate with multi-cultural teams.

Who you are…

  • As a Developer, an Engineer, or an Architect, you have a creative mind and you solve problems with beautiful technological solutions.
  • Be it Scrum, Kanban, or XP, you welcome changes in requirements and adapt your solution to deliver it timely.
  • What you do best is making software and you are great at it! You can build a complete system and you are able to make decisions on which technologies are best suited for the product.;
  • You have very good understanding of systems engineering, algorithms, scalability, and SOLID development principles.
  • You are experienced in developing real-time, distributed, multi-threaded applications.

Technicak Skills

  • You have superior skills in one or more of these: C# .Net, Java, Python, or PHP
  • You have strong understanding of MVC frameworks
  • You have a gift in writing simple and powerful codes
  • You have written and implemented APIs
  • You have strong knowledge of databases – SQL and NoSQL technologies
  • You are proficient in server management, and cloud management